We won again!

Great victory for the People - Tax Cut!

14 August 29, 2010: The End – From Zurich to Boston

Last Day in Europe

On Sunday, August 29, we woke up in Winkel, Switzerland.

[09:47] A pleasant surprise – We paid 90CHF for hotel  Landgasthof Breiti, but I was expecting something around 130 CHF.

[10:14] It is  Sunday, but Airport Gas Station is opened and there are no lines. Here we paid 79.55 CHF for 48.79 litters  (1.63 CHF/L).  Let’s compare this to some prices we saw 2 days ago on a Swiss-Italian border in Chiasso.

nel risparmio di carburante

I was making this picture to compare gasoline prices later. Only now I noticed that this picture actually captures a plaque stating “Guinness World Record in High Fuel” (nel risparmio di carburante).  I have no idea, what does it mean.

[11:29]  Starbucks at the Airport Kloten -16.80 CHF

[13:55] Flight from Zurich (Kloten) to New York (JFK)

Delta flight was almost painless.  Every seat had a personal monitor with a touch screen.  Almost entire time we played Game Trivia against other passengers on the plane.

[Eastern Time Zone] We didn’t have any bags checked in.  Only carry-on items.  Instead of waiting 4 hours for our next flight, we jump the ship to an earlier flight from New York to Boston.  Fantastic!

[20:32-20:51] Taxi ride from the Logan Airport – $54.30

Back to work.  However, a long Labor Day weekend is just around the corner.  I will use this opportunity to conquer Pemigewasset Wilderness (see article here at http://www.domainwebcenter.com/?p=268)

The End

We spent 2 weeks in Switzerland and Italy.  It took 3 month to write this report about it.  A very slow deliberate process. Every day several hour a day.  Meanwhile, I learned a lot of tricks on how to arrange images and captions, how to edit and combine images in Photoshop, the true value of Firefox spell check, and how to combine a number of articles into a series.

This Web Publishing is truly amazing apparatus to express the untold stories and memories.

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