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Aug 31 FRI – La Dolce Far Niente [… in progress …]

[…in progress…]

Today I woke up in Sorrento in 07:56.  Already things are drying after an overnight soak.

We were so impressed with our accommodations, and so overwhelmed with our experiences that decided to spend entire day Friday, August 31 in the suit, just resting, taking it easy, and enjoying the harbor views.

This carefree day marked with taking a slow bath from our second floor “spa”. Inspiring sea view surrounds us on 3 sides.  We are watching large cruise ships being serviced in the harbor.  All day long small boats go back and forth to the post to deliver people and goods.

Somewhere midday I went down and requested another portion of Internet.  A familiar teenage boy generated a user name and password for me, and we’ve got Internet. I synchronized time on my laptop and I discovered that my hand-watch is 13 seconds ahead without a nightly connection to a Colorado station.  I also had a chance to reply to important messages about domains. Also, I opened ports and tested connection to my home W2K8 server. It is responding and doing well.  It means that home is still standing and it is OK. Wow!

Only at around 18:00 we left the rooms for a dinner in the city.  We took a slightly different route heading toward new to us Marina Grande.  We slowly walked from our heights down for about 40 minutes, and this time we found Ristorante Bagni Delfino (Via Marina Grande, 216 Sorrento – www.ristorantebagnidelfino.com).  This is number one restaurant in Sorrento according to TripAdvisor, and they did everything they could to induce us to leave a positive comment on TripAdvisor in Russian.  This restaurant is the very last one on the very last stretch of accessible coast line in Sorrento.  To be noticed here, you have to be really good. A brother and a sister are running the place. To toot their horn, they sited us before 19:30 and a few couples were already dining at this time.  They added a complimentary Bruschetta at the beginning and complimentary Limoncello at the end of the meal; they are accommodating to vegetarians; and they even have a menu on Russian. You pay at the counter, and they give a little amulet to wear on your neck for godly protection (19:11 – 19:59 – €33.50).  This is the one of only few other places, where I left some coins on the table and did not ask for a change from €35 at the counter.

We walked slowly back up to the center to pickup our bus at the main square.  The rain was just starting.  By the time jumped on the bus (21:08 – €2) it was in a full swing. Last day in August was departing and sending torrents of water as a final goodbye. We returned to Priora and back to our B&B under one umbrella.

I thought that my evening tea on the terrace is ruined by rain, but I had some of the terrace furniture inside, so rain stopped, I placed dry table and chair outside and still had a very spiritual tea with cornetto.  It was a perfect end to the last day of summer – August 31, 2012.

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