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10 August 25, 2010: Around Bellagio – Pescallo, Regatola, S. Giovanni

On Wednesday, August 25 we woke up in Bellagio in Albergo Giardinetto.

We followed an interesting breakfast ritual here.  We bought croissants and fresh-cut cold cuts and thin sliced cheeses in the deli right on Via Garibaldi (MICHELE GILARDONI, Alimentari – Salumeria – Rosticceria, Via Bellosio,1) , but we got our coffee and tea from a coffee shop next door.  So it was (1) fast, (2) only 12€ and (3) very stylish.

We started our “Walk around the Suburbs of Bellagio” tour, and we didn’t know, what to expect.  Very quickly we crossed the peninsula and discovered some open water on the other side.  It was a hot day, so we both took a swim, taking pictures in turns.

Lake Como in the Morning  –  View from the Balcony  –  Albergo Giardinetto Pescallo – Via Sfondrati – Land of Italy Pescallo – Salita Al Cappuccini – Dead End

First village that we reached was Pescallo.  Everything is so close together here that one can try to find a hotel in any one of these villages at the very tip of a land mass. Everything is surrounded by gardens and green walls.  Tiny passages are everywhere and there are no “No Trespassing” signs. Everything is drowned in flowers and intricate details.  Stone buildings are colorful and seemed ancient.  No crowds, no lines to the bathroom.  It is rural resort life at its best.

Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) lived here <br> Supermarkets are closed from 12:30 to 15:30 <br> Learn how to to detect a one-way street in Italy
Downtown Pescallo – Main Square La Pergola – Piazza del Porto Somewhere between Pescallo and Oliverio Lira found this magical entrance to Impressionism.  I can’t find it even with Google maps.  This is the real entrance.  This is NOT a picture Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) lived here Supermarkets are closed from 12:30 to 15:30 Learn how to to detect a one-way street in Italy

There is not much cloud happened on a perfect walking tour like this one.  Let the pictures to tell their story.  While we were walking and hiding in the shadow of the buildings and trees, we learned that Bellagio is the northern most point in Europe, where olive oil is produced.

Piazza San Giovanni – Bellagio – Italia They use 220V and Phillips Screws Bellagio – Punta Spartivento – 5 pm Swim Fleur-de-Lis as fly on the wall Bellagio – Evening Sun Paints Smiles On
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