We won again!

Great victory for the People - Tax Cut!

Finding Self

Смысл и назначение жизни

Начало Пустота по имени Ничего Раньше меня очень беспокоила пустота. Как только я ощущал пустоту в своей жизни, я сразу же бежал в библиотеку, чтобы черпать новые мысли из первоисточников, или начинал новый проект на компьютере. Однако, с каких-то пор пустота стала не ругательным словом, а убежищем. В пустоте – спасение […]

Office and IE

How to Run Malicious Software Removal Tool?

MRT Just 3 letters you need to know – MRT That is right, just type MRT.exe in you Start – Run box.  Why they hide it so deep?  Why there is no easy answer anywhere on the Internet? The program is located in %WinDir%\System32\MRT.exe Once again, to run Malicious Software […]


Aug 12 SUN – First steps in Rome – Pantheon

  We arrived to Fiumicino Airport in Rome at 4:30AM on Sunday morning. Temperature outside was +28°C.  It is 83°F. We got our luggage at 05:18AM.  Lira’s first experience was a smelly bathroom at the airport.  We wondered around a bit, and found a train station. First train (05:31 €8×2 […]

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Win XP - Win 7

Transfer Rosetta Stone user progress from PC to PC

To transfer your progress data from one PC to the next you need to copy one file: tracking.db3   On Windows XP this file is located in: “%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Rosetta Stone\Language Training\” OR “%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Rosetta Stone\” (on version 3) On Windows 7 this file is located in: “%ProgramData%\Rosetta StoneLanguage Training\” “%ProgramData%\Rosetta […]


We win, our country wins when . . .

We win and our great country wins when: – we create business-friendly climate (less regulations –> more jobs) – we faithfully uphold and enforce our laws and punish criminals – we open our doors and share our pie only with friends – we request small and nimble Government – we […]