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Aug 30 THU – Capri – Day 2 [… in progress …]

 […in progress…]

We woke up early, and had an early breakfast. We’ve met all the colorful characters on the farm: the overly shrewd babushka (the owner), who pretended that credit card machine doesn’t work, and I had to show her how to properly swipe the card.  The colorful workers from Ukraine and Sri Lanka.  One guy was all over us.  He retold everyday farm gossip in Russian and was complaining about and praising the people around him.  We jumped on the bus to Azzura (09:52), and had a chance to view how boats are crowding around the entrance to the coveted cave – Blue Grotto. 

After the cement platform swim at the deep waters, we visited a café just above the entrance to the cave.  By 11:30 it was a real zoo down there.  Not only people from the boats were lining to enter into the cave, but also people, who arrived on the bus and wanted a take a peak inside.

After a €7.50 (11:43) breakfast we took a bus back to Anacapri (12:20), and had an oversized lunch at Le Arcate Pizzeria (Viale Tommaso De Tommaso, 24  80071 Anacapri).  I ordered a Calzone, and it came out larger than a large plate.  But we managed it.  Lira ate the crust, and ate the middle (13:28 – €30).

Next we rode back to the center of Capri (13:44), and around 15:00 we found park Augosto, where they charge €1 per person to enter.  Although tickets looked somewhat convincing, do not do that. Everyone can do it with Internet and a printer.  This is a typical story from famous Russian novel “Twelve Chair”, where the main character decides to collect easy money from tourist by collecting a small fee for entrance to a totally free public place. This is just for some shadow and views down to Marina Piccola and more views towards the rocks or small islands in the distance. 

A little down the path we found what we were looking for. A stack of three prisms a little of the bitten path marks a composition called “From Capri to Lenin”.  It is unclear, what is Capri is thankful for?  Is Lenin the most famous person, who ever visited the island?

We decided against going down on this side of the island toward Marina Picola, and headed back to the port instead.  Marching down to the port was easy and simple.

At 15:28 we bought tickets for ferry back to Sorrento for a 17:45 Jet (€16.50×2 = €33).  It means we had some time to enjoy the free waters around the port.  We took turns frolicking in the waters.  We even had time to buy soy yogurt and grapes for the road (17:11).

Loading to the boat (one before last) was a little chaotic and stampeding.  But the ferry itself was not overcrowded.   At the end almost everyone got a seat, and we had a conversation with a young German couple from Dortmund.  I ask if they were concerned that Germany is the banker of Europe, and they replied that it is not the Germany, but Germans who would have to pay for social generosity of other countries.  They recommended visiting a quiet sandy beach in Puolo (Marina Puolo Beach near Sorrento).

When we arrived in Sorrento port, I was ready for another swim. So we did. We climbed the stairs up the city, and found a Re Foods restaurant on a Trip Advisor (Re Food Al Vicoletto – Via Accademia, 10). We entered a minute after they opened up (19:31), and they treated us very well.  Some sparkling drink was served to start (on the house), good food, but no AmEx, and no Wi-Fi.  By the time we were leaving, all the tables were already taken (€35).

In the remaining few minutes before the bus, we bought me a Cornetto (Croissant) for €1 and found a bus stop (fermata).  On the bus we met two couples -one from Ireland and one from Canada / London.  They all were from our B&B.

Back at our hotel we found a set of keys on the front desk counter, but not for Ametista room as discussed, but for Smeralda.  It was a junior suit.  It was totally amazing.  I was afraid that I no longer will have an outside area to drink my tea.  This time it was an entire balcony or galleria with two entrances from two different rooms.  It was super great.   This time bathroom and Jacuzzi were taking an entire upper floor.

It appeared that a complicated logistical plan with a travel, and parking, and late arrival all worked out, to the precision of clockwork.  And all this without reservations.  Marvelous.

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