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Tracking Boston Snow Records

When a narrow path to my entrance door became a treacherous ravine between two mounts of snow,  I decided to check, are we breaking any kind of record this year.

Here is what I was able to find out.

Boston keeps track of its weather since 1872.

The most snow in any given 24 hours period was recorded as 27″ on Feb. 17-18, 2003.

The most snow in one month was recorded as 43.3″ in January 2005 (as measured at Logan).

The greatest seasonal snowfall in Boston was 107.6″ in 1995-96.

Let’s compare cumulative snow totals by month this season (2010-2011) with record breaking 1995-96 season:

Season Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
1995-96 4.1 28.2 68.0 83.5 100.3 107.6
2010-11 22.0 60.3 Will be published in a few days Current Future

As you can see in December and January along we’ve got over 60″ of snow.  We are within 8″ to catch up to a record snowiest season even.

And the first two days in February we’ve got 2 (two) snow storms in a row.

December 2010 – 22.0″

January 2011 – 38.3″

2 days in February –  8-12″


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Please suggest corrections, if any errors found.

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