We won again!

Great victory for the People - Tax Cut!

08-31 SU – A day at “sea” – just soaking up the wild

Last event yesterday links with the first event today.  Late last night I discovered that cheap charge wire for iPhone that I buy from China for $1 stopped working, and my phone have only 5% charge left.  Today, I found a twist of the wire and I was able to maintain it with a rubber band to allow the charging to resume.  Way cool!  And now, what should be my new policy toward cheap wires – always have a spare cheap wire to spare?

07:45 – Second morning in the woods – Seize the Day! 09:14 – Boiling water is a clean water 09:28 – Hot cereal with fruits and nuts


Slowly, but confidently I arrived to a conclusion to stay.  Yes.  I am staying here one more night.  So today, Sunday, will be no walking of hiking,   It will be all about camping, cooking, writing and site improvements.


11:09 I can sit here, but where I would write? 11:26 – See what only moose can see 11:27 – A private bath tab with a garden view


After breakfast, I build an elevated back support for a more comfortable seat on the logs.  Next, I would need a table.  For sticks burrowed into the ground, and plywood from the gone shelter serves as a tabletop.  After hard work, I deserve some bathing.  This comes handy after two nights in the wild.  I pick a spot where water just begin to trickle from the No Ketchum Pond.  No one around.  Whole night.  And whole day.  This is new.  I always had a very intense program to follow during these long weekends.  And I would always regret that it was all “work” and no play afterward.  Not today.


14:45 Dinner is ready – Table is served 16:08 Most reliable cup holder with a view 16:59 Clean fresh clothes – start of a fantastic evening


Today it is “me” day.  After dinner, I started constructing a stand up table underneath the tremendous tarp.  The rain was approaching.

Around 4 PM, I heard some human-like sounds and something like a sound of an axe against the logs.  Still I did not see anyone.  My solitude remained undisturbed.


18:28 – Finally!  Chair with a back rest and table for epistolary musings 18:31 – This fire needs to be strong enough to overcome the rain 18:32 Comfortable accommodations with stand up table and tea


As rain was approaching, I hoard some firewood closer to the tent to keep it dry.  Rain makes simple tasks a bit harder to do. But I had enough oomph in fireplace to finish the cooking and boiling tea water.  It was slower, but it still burned.


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