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07-10 Beaugency to Uzerche (Thursday, July 10, 2014)

Thursday, July 10 2014

[17 vs. 7]   Wake up in Beaugency

Our room had a bath – Lira took an extended  bath in the morning.  While I am recording our adventures from previous days.

11:49 InterMarche, where credit cards are not working again (€22 cash)

Lira washed all the fruits for the road

Returned back to the hotel – we forget an umbrella on a wardrobe


IMAGE 01 2014-07-10 13:10 Chateau de Chambord I IMAGE 03
TEXT 01 13:10 – Château de Chambord – view from D33 – Route de la Commission TEXT 03


13:30 We reached Château de Chambord.  Parking here is prohibitive €4 – big mistake on their part!  Rain and lack of free parking is a big turn off.   We just took some pictures and proceeded on our route.

We drove for a very long time.

15:03 We ate at rest stop (€21.60 cash – MC did not work)
Using local Wi-Fi I called my bank on Skype right at the table (while eating) to clarify why card is not working.  They did not see any problems on their end.  However, I bet they fix something without telling me.

Another 100 km of driving to Uzerche


07-10 19:43 Across from Hotel Ambroise 2014-07-10 19:44 Hotel Ambroise - Designated Parking 2014-07-10 20:05 Uzerche - Metal Sculpture - abbatiale Saint-Pierre,
Uzerche [uzersh] main street – Avenue du Gén de Gaulle is located between 2 bridges If parking on the main square is full you always can roll down couple of levels where there is plenty of space This interesting sculpture and fountain right there on main square in front of the church, but I could not find anything on the internet about years or author


18:35 Check into hotel Ambriose (€58.40 – Lira’s Visa with chip)




Walk on the streets and hills on Uzerche.  This is a first tiny tourist outpost after miles and miles of emptiness.  Yes.  France has these huge empty spots where tourist foot never stepped.  To be able to make a meaningful stop for the night tourist needs hotels and they need functioning restaurants.  Uzerche has the absolute lowest possible number of tourists that can barely sustain the industry.  Go any lower, and all hotels and restaurants will go out of business.


IMAGE 01 IMAGE 02 07-10 20;21 Uzerch - befind main church



20:30 Supper at Hotel Teyssier (€33.80 MC is now working!)


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