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Standup chair for a standup desk

Amazon Lift Your Table Risers Legs
Lift Your Table ® TM Risers Lifts STRAIGHT LEG KIT – $35
Install table legs
Install table legs without any tools

It started as an absolute necessity.  I worked so many hours in a single two weeks stretch (Monday, September 8 – Friday, September 19, 2014) that I simply could not sit anymore.  But I still had to work.  So I placed couple of cardboard boxes on my desk and raised my working space by 1.5 ft.  It was ugly, but it carried me through first several weeks.


Next step was to make it a bit prettier.   This time a coffee table landed on my office desk, and it brought some semblance of order and stability.  This lasted about half a year.


The problem with this setting is that you cannot really bring a chair close the your working area as table itself prevents this. It was time to get a high standing table.

Home Deport 10 ft PVC tube
 Home Deport – 1-1/2 in. x 10 ft. PVC Schedule 40 Conduit – $5.10

Standup desks are pretty expensive ($250 – $650), and they are really unneeded.  The better idea would be to use an existing comfortable desk and raise it.  Amazon offered as solution for $45.  A set of 4 tubes that you insert into your table legs and table raises into the air.  It is a bit expensive for just tubes. Amazon offers a Lift Your Table ® TM collection of products that allow you to raise your folding table with straight-and-angled legs.  Just like on the picture. I almost clicked on ORDER button.  But I did not.

Next day, I realized, that I can buy a long pipe at Home Depot, cut it to a desired length, and have the same extended legs for a fraction of a cost.  On my next trip to Home Depot I found a super strong PVC tubes that used to lay electrical cable either under ground or even exposed to a direct sunlight.  Without measuring anything I picked 1.5″ tube.  This is a 10′ long tube with a wider connector cup at one end.   18″ tubed raised my table from 29″ to 41″.  That turned out to be too short.  Not a problem. Using remaining 4′ of a 10′ tube plus reusing some 18″ extensions from the first cut I created four 24″ extension legs.  This time my table rose to 47″.  That is perfect for a 6′ person.

 Table-on-18-inch-legs  Table on 24 inch legs
First try – 18″ plastic legs give table a boos
from 29″ to 43″ high
 Table stands on 24″ legs. 
This brings table surface to 48″


Standup Chair
 Adjustable stand-up chair for stand-up desk – found at Marshals – $49 – $69

Now I needed a “standup chair”.  I mean, what if I want to sit  behind my tall standup desk from time to time.   I would need a tall standup chair.  I found a perfect stylish tall chair at Marshalls (regular $69 and marked down to $49). Now, for about $55, I created the whole solution  – tall and sturdy standup desk and complimentary tall and comfortable adjustable chair.

The small problem is that my table is so tall now, that even tall chair (goes as high as 31″) is not tall enough.   Normal table is about 29″ tall and normal chairs are about 17-19″ tall.  Difference is  about 12″.   It means for tall chair to be comfortable for a table standing at 48″ high it needs to go as high as 36″.  And I am not sure if they go that high.  Anyway – this is just one more reason to spend more time standing up.  Perfect!

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