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Trump vs. Internationalists

I started this short article to summarize Globalist ideology and why Trump is such a blow for them.  In the matter of a few hours article grew to cover these topics in no particular order:

— Why Globalism is actually Westernism
— What is Internationalists ideology
— Why Globalists failed in 2016
— Trump actions to reverse Western Globalism


When you desire to read on ideology of Obama years, read this serious, earnest, but biased site – German Marshall Fund (GMF). Search the site for word “Internationalist”. Take a moment to examine what they plan to turn America into.

Please do not miss this very frank article explaining Obama policy.  This article was published on August 28, 2008 just a few months before Obama was elected.


Here are few quotes from this article:

This is how author describes nomination of Joe Biden  for Obama Vice President: ” . . . yesterday was an evening of enlightened internationalism in Denver.”

National borders are obstacles for them:  ” . . . rebuilding the American Dream also means providing global direction. It is a dream that has no national boundaries, . . . ”

” U.S. foreign policy is no longer foreign and neither can it be neatly distinguished from domestic issues.”

Just looks at this – America is now a dispensable nation! Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright ‘is still thinking in terms of American being the “indispensable nation” it was in the 20th century. That perspective might turn out to be misleading.’

” The world is . . . the frightening convergence of the global crisis of American (and Western) legitimacy and the impact of the weakness of the American dollar and its reduced relevance for the global economy. . . ”

a world without the West

Next paragraph is an absolute key point in globalist view: do not let other regions of the globe develop their own institutions. “America might have a time window of only one or two decades until other regions of the world gain much greater autonomy and establish their own institutions and rules – a world without the West.” Simply amazing. Some obscure blog post 8 years ago already knew all the secrets of Obama before he even got to the office.

To sum up this Internationalists ideology can be explained in these points:

(1) Cheap Labor – Flood US with cheap labor to push middle class into day workers, who live from paycheck to paycheck and completely dependent on Government handouts. The purpose is dual: to forge a compliant citizenry and guarantee profits with low wages.

(2) Open world for Western institutions and US Dollar – Help develop all other countries to create wider markets not for US goods, but for Western institutions and US dollar. It means US taxpayer in their minds should be this giant self-sacrificing creature that paves the way to bigger, more powerful Government all over the globe.

(3) Buy Islamist friendship – Do not fight Islam, but pump US taxpayer’s money into it to destroy them from inside. One bottle of whiskey in Riyadh or one short skirt in Tehran are more dangerous for Islamic states than rockets and ships.

(4) Make US debt untouchable – Grow US foreign debt exponentially to hook the world on single US currency. Make it too big to fail, and guarantee that the most world Governments will depend on stability of dominant US currency.


Unexpectedly, in 2016 US turned away from globalist with Donald Trump. Here are possible reasons:

Bad Candidate – Globalists used a deeply troubled candidate with a baggage.

Impoverished Voters – Globalist’s strategies already impoverished and alienated middle America, but most voters in middle states did not switch to Government aid yet.

Straight Talk Opponent – Globalists did not expect anyone to open their mouth about flood of immigrants. So, they could not talk about the issue themselves, but had to suffer blows each time words “illegal immigration” was used by Trump and his supporters.

Islamic Terrorism – Globalists apparently did not expect sharp growth of terrorism and such a disastrous “no actions, no confrontations” Obama foreign policy.

Global Warming failed – One of their main trumps – “Global Warming” (that is designed to keep entire Earth population frightened and united under Western leadership) started quickly to melt away with careful observation.


What Trump can do day one to reverse Globalism?  German Marshall Fund published this interesting answer on 2016-11-23:

“The president can unilaterally stop all forms of commerce between the United States and another nation, seize or freeze foreign assets, impose tariffs, etc. So Trump can, in fact, withdraw the US from existing trade agreements or levy tariffs on China immediately.”


This entire article was written in one push thanks to a helpful external link from WikiLeaks.org

[2017-01-17 TU]

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